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Handcrafted Tabletop Landscapes

Our goal is to build unique terrariums bringing life and vibrancy to any (well-lit) room. Each miniature work of art lives inside a secondhand glass container of a range of shapes and sizes. Thanks for exploring our little ecosystems with us!



My name is Tyler Ellison

I'm a landscape designer and artist in sunny San Luis Obispo, California with a passion for living tabletop art. I built my first terrarium in 2018 inside a beautiful Kraken rum bottle. It's still thriving, with a profusion of (my favorite) Ficus quercifolia weaving upwards from the bottom. I personally craft each unique terrarium using small indoor-friendly plants and mosses, rocks, sand, sticks, and second-life glass containers. I most enjoy the process of finding a unique balance of structure with hardscape elements, interest and verdancy with plantings, and simplicity or complexity throughout.

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Terrarium Spotlight


A Philosophy

of Creating Custom Tabletop Artwork

With each new scape comes an opportunity to create something both repurposed and new, stable yet alive, painstakingly manicured but evolving, fully contained yet expanding. It's a balance, especially since every plant and stone comes entirely unique from the rest. A well-crafted terrarium synthesizes a glass container with an assortment of disparate materials into a living and intriguing work of art.


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